What's on YOUR Disney Bucket List?

If Hidden Mickeys are new to you, I’m going to point you right to the source: http://www.hiddenmickeyguy.com/

I’m a HUGE fan of Hidden Mickeys: those little images of Mickey Mouse that Disney Imagineers, artists, and cast members tuck in to all corners of the World. Although “fan of” may be putting it a bit mildly… “obsessed with” is more like it! Which is why I went on a Hidden Mickey hunt in Animal Kingdom’s Conservation Station.

Conservation Station is located in Rafiki’s Planet Watch: “an area dedicated to the preservation and conservation of animals.” Guests have opportunities for some unique experiences, from chatting with animal handlers, to learning about food and care for the animals, to occasional opportunities to view a live animal surgery (but only if you wish :)). Conservation Station is home to some absolutely stunning artwork:

It’s also home to absolutely OODLES of Hidden Mickeys! I set off on my search, armed with the best tool available–my copy of Steven Barrett’s  “Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to Walt Disney World’s Best Kept Secrets, 5th edition.” You can purchase your copy via the author’s website, Amazon.com, in a bookstore near you, and all over Walt Disney World property. The book offers a “scavenger hunt” which leads you all around Disney property with clues as to where you can find Hidden Mickeys (and hints for when you get completely stuck!). And yes, if you prefer… there is an app for that:). Per the book, Conservation Station is home to at least thirty-eight Hidden Mickeys! Here’s a glimpse at a few of my favorites (if the image is too small for you to find Mickey, just give it a click and you should be able to view a larger version):

This might be my very favorite: in this huge mural…

…I had to find this teeny, tiny little guy:

SO brilliant :)!

If you’re a fan of Hidden Mickeys, where are some of your favorites :)?

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