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We all love Cinderella Castle. I mean, who wouldn’t, when it looks like this?

But it can also look like this:

And this:

And how about this?

When I first heard about the “The Magic, the Memories, and You” show preceding (and sometimes following*) the “Wishes” firework spectacular at the Magic Kingdom, I wasn’t sure what to think. As a “Castle Purist”:), I was a teeny bit wary of the words “projections on the Castle…” or, as I prefer to call it, “MY Castle.”😉 But this show is simply AMAZING! Seeing the castle change right before your eyes with such vivid colors and stunning artwork inspires gasps in the audience throughout the show.

Weaving in and out of the artwork are pictures starring… YOU! Well, the day’s guests at the Magic Kingdom, to be more precise:). Pictures taken throughout the day by Disney Photopass photographers are sprinkled throughout the show as well. It must be a super cool moment for the families whose pictures are chosen to be shown on the Castle…

A bonus with this production is that the projections can be changed, so Disney is able to add themed artwork for different times of year. I’ve managed to catch the Holiday and Valentine’s Day projections along with the regular production, and even though I think the show is fantastic as it is, it can hold pleasant surprises for the returning guest.

Oh, and did I mention the song?

“There’s the place to be
Look around and see
Memories are forever here and now
Millions of them, too
Dancing next to you
Go as far as dreaming will allow…
The pictures we make are dreams that come true
They open a window to a memory made by you
They shine like a friend and won’t ever end
Open up your heart and let the memories begin!”

… gets me every time.  That’s right—I’m not ashamed to admit it :)!

I feel almost guilty posting the pictures above, because photos or online videos just don’t do this show justice. You’ve just got to see it for yourself… so DON’T MISS IT!!

*Check your Times Guide for specific showings

UPDATE: In November 2012, Walt Disney World debuted the NEW projection show, Celebrate the Magic. While the music doesn’t strike the same emotional chord with me (no pun intended ;)), the new projections are even more amazing, featuring more of your favorite Disney characters and treasured film moments. Still a “must-see” in my book! Here is a peek…

WDW Christmas Nov 099
WDW Christmas Nov 100
WDW Christmas Nov 103

Comments on: "82: See “The Magic, the Memories, and You” (and “Celebrate the Magic”) show at Cinderella Castle" (2)

  1. Todd Miller said:

    The first time I saw the new projections, I thought they were amazing. It gave a new sense of life to the evening fireworks and program. And I don’t think it really changes the “purity” of the castle itself. Disney always likes to “Keep Moving Forward” and this is just another example. As Anton Ego so eloquently put it: “But there are times when a critic truly risks something, and that is in the discovery and defense of the new.” I llike the new projections and I think they truly enhance the magic!:)

    Love the blog, by the way. “I will be returning to [Wendy’s blog] soon, hungry for more.” )I couldn’t resist another Ego quote!)

  2. Thanks, Todd:), and welcome to the blog! You’re right–what I love about the show is how it is forward-moving, as you said, but retains that “Disney feel” so wonderfully well. I’m also stunned by how clear the projections are on a space that huge!

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