What's on YOUR Disney Bucket List?

“I just want it to look like nothing else in the world, and it should be surrounded by a train.”
Walt Disney

Walt Disney’s love of trains is no secret—you can see it in the beautiful steam trains as you approach the Magic Kingdom and hear it in the cheerful whistle that greets you. What is lesser known is that there is an unassuming, tucked-away corner in The Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge that is a must-see for any Walt Disney fan visiting Walt Disney World: The Carolwood Pacific Room.

From the Walt Disney World website:

“Walt Disney loved trains so much, he built a one-eighth scale railroad on 2,615 feet of track in his backyard on Carolwood Drive in Holmby Hills, CA; he named it the Carolwood Pacific Railroad. The actual cattle car and gondola from Walt’s backyard railroad, and a miniature model of the No. 173 engine are on display in the Carolwood Pacific Railroad Room.Walt Disney’s one-eighth scale backyard railroad became the inspiration for the much larger trains in the Disney Parks.”

It sounds corny, I know… but there really just was something about standing right beside Walt’s old train cars.  For a Disney fan, you can’t beat it, and it’s great that it’s so accessible.

Even if you aren’t staying at the Wilderness Lodge, it’s an easy trip from the Magic Kingdom. You can bus over or hop on a boat to Wilderness Lodge, then walk the beautiful wooded pathway to the Villas. It could serve as a terrific afternoon break from the Magic Kingdom. And if you need to sit for a spell, there are a few chairs to curl up in, and checker and chess tables to relax with a game or two. Or you can just stroll the room and read the wall posts and plaques about Walt and his love of trains. The room is not large, and no one else set foot in it while I was there, so I get the impression that it’s not very high traffic—perfect for a peaceful afternoon or evening in the World, and something any Walt Disney fan will treasure seeing.

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