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28: Ride Peter Pan’s Flight with my dear friend

Why do we love Peter Pan’s Flight so much?

Magic Kingdom Peter Pans Flight
Because you can hop on board one of these…

Peter Pans Flight (1)
Peter Pans Flight (3)
Peter Pans Flight (2)
And suddenly…

“When there’s a smile in your heart
There’s no better time to start
Think of all the joy you’ll find
When you leave the world behind
And bid your cares good-bye

Peter Pans Flight
Peter Pan’s Flight is a GREAT choice when considering how to use your FastPass+ options. It’s such a beloved attraction that there is always a huge line… and there is good reason for that. Peter Pan’s Flight is an attraction that is quintessentially Disney, and the flight over London is an image that rarely escapes anyone’s memory.

I did ride Peter Pan’s Flight with my friend, by the way… I wanted to respect her privacy and not include our pictures here. When she and I first met and discovered we were fellow Disney fans, Peter Pan’s Flight was one of the first things she mentioned, and experiencing this ride with her is something I’ll never forget :) .

65: Experience every Attraction in Walt Disney World

If you’ve seen my Disney Bucket List, you may have noticed that I’ve included very little about rides at Walt Disney World. One reason for this is because Bucket Lists, by nature, are about things you haven’t done, and I’d experienced the vast majority of rides at Walt Disney World (though not all… until now :) ).

Big Thunder Mountain Magic Kingdom (2)
The second reason is that Walt Disney World, regardless of how it appears at first glance, is about SO much more than rides. It’s about atmosphere, heart, memories, family and friends, and magic.

But, let’s face it… it IS more than a little about the rides, isn’t it ;) ? Because Disney attractions are simply a BLAST!! So, let’s have at it!

Little Mermaid Under the Sea 08

Hop on board!

Little Mermaid Under the Sea 09
Having at long last experienced every attraction in Walt Disney World, I’d like to present my not-very-highly-anticipated (yet HIGHLY subjective)…



Favorite attraction:
Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion
Favorite thrill:
Big Thunder Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain Magic Kingdom
Sentimental favorite:
Peter Pan’s Flight

Magic Kingdom Peter Pans Flight
Most underrated:
Tom Sawyer Island

Mystery Mine
Favorite Queue:
Space Mountain

Space Mountain
Thanks, but no thanks:
Stitch’s Great Escape

Magic Kingdom Stitch Great Escape
Wonder of the World:
The Hall of Presidents

Magic Kingdom Hall of Presidents

Favorite Attraction:

EPCOT Soarin
Favorite thrill:

Sentimental favorite:
Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros

EPCOT Gran Fiesta Tour Three Caballeros
Most underrated:
Living with the Land

EPCOT Living with the Land
Favorite Queue:
The Seas with Nemo and Friends

EPCOT The Seas with Nemo and Friends
Wonder of the World:
The American Adventure

EPCOT American Adventure


Favorite Attraction:
Kilimanjaro Safaris

Animal Kingom Kilimajaro Safaris
Favorite thrill:
Expedition Everest

Animal Kingdom Expedition Everest
Favorite Queue:
Expedition Everest

Most underrated:
Flights of Wonder

Animal Kingdom Flights of Wonder
Wonder of the World:

Animal Kingdom Dinosaur

Favorite Attraction:
Star Tours

Hollywood Studios Star Tours
Favorite thrill:
Rock & Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

Rock n Roller Coaster Aerosmith
Sentimental favorite:
Animation Academy

Hollywood Studios Animation Academy (11)
Most underrated:
Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream

Hollywood Studios One Mans Dream Walt Disney
Favorite Queue:
Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Sept 20 072
Wonder of the World:
Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Like I said, this list is HIGHLY subjective! Please feel welcome to let me know your winners in the “Comments” below!

33 (In Progress): Draw 20 Characters at the Animation Academy

Have YOU ever dreamed of being a Disney Animator?

Disney animation (2)
Disney animation (3)
I haven’t. Don’t get me wrong—I am a HUGE FAN of all things Disney animation and of the classic characters we’ve grown to love through Disney films. However, in this case, my dreams are certainly limited by my skills (or lack thereof). I can’t draw much more than a stick figure or smiley face. Or, when I’m feeling really artistic… a stick figure WITH a smiley face ;).

stick guy
But there is one place where even I can draw… the Animation Academy at The Magic of Disney Animation at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Animation Academy (13)
So, grab an empty drawing board…

Animation Academy (6)
… and get ready to listen to your Professor of Animation (*Not their official title :) ).

Animation Academy (14)
This is the person who will turn you into an animator! Don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself a pencil artist. You get to follow along step by step, and I think you’ll be happily surprised at what you’re able to create.

Animation Academy (11)
Next? Prepare to enjoy your own Disney masterpiece to take home with you and enjoy!



Animation Academy (3)

Sorcerer Mickey!

Animation Academy (2)

Jiminy Cricket!

Animation Academy (4)

Donald Duck!

Animation Academy (7)


Animation Academy (9)


Animation Academy (12)


Minnie Mouse!

Minnie Mouse!



Winnie the Pooh!

Winnie the Pooh!

My Disney Bucket List goal is to draw twenty Disney characters… and I’m halfway there :)!

17: Tube around Castaway Creek at Typhoon Lagoon

Welcome to Typhoon Lagoon Water Park!

Typhoon Lagoon (6)
From the Walt Disney World website:

“After an epic typhoon hurled surfboards into palm trees and tossed boats like toys, the storm-soaked Mount Mayday became a topsy-turvy oasis of water-filled adventure!”

Aside from all that pesky “storm damage” ;), the minute you approach the entrance to Typhoon Lagoon – one of two Walt Disney World Water Parks — you immediately think, “Aaaah… now THIS is vacation paradise!” Lush greenery and palm trees, piles and piles of sand, water and waves, and a little something known as Disney Magic…

Sure, you could go for the BIG THRILLS, such as the Crush ‘N Gusher Water Coaster:

Typhoon Lagoon (28)
And, of course, you just HAVE to catch a 6-foot wave at Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool!

Typhoon Lagoon (19)
Umm… okay, apparently I missed all the photo opps with those six-foot waves… but I got knocked over by one or two of them so I can vouch!

Typhoon Lagoon (20)
By the way… did you know you can take surfing lessons at Walt Disney World???

Typhoon Lagoon (4)
Typhoon Lagoon (5)
There is even a cold water SHARK REEF you can snorkel in (snorkels and goggles are provided)!! This is awesome, and it’s just a short swim across — perfect for first-time snorkelers looking to earn their fins :).

Typhoon Lagoon (31)
Typhoon Lagoon (29)
Typhoon Lagoon (32)
But what I was after was RELAXATION. And that’s what I got, at Castaway Creek—the beautiful lazy river that encompasses the entire park.

Typhoon Lagoon (17)
There are three steps to follow at Castaway Creek…

One: Grab a tube.

Typhoon Lagoon (22)
Two: Float.

Typhoon Lagoon (15)
Three: RELAX…

Walt Disney World’s other Water Park, Blizzard Beach, has a Lazy River, too… Cross Country Creek!

Blizzard Beach (3)
The theme here, though, isn’t a wind-swept tropical paradise… Blizzard Beach is “a one-time ski resort that has melted into a watery wonderland!”

Blizzard Beach (1)
Blizzard Beach (11)
Blizzard Beach (9)
But Blizzard Beach is not unlike Typhoon Lagoon in that there is a variety of watery adventures for all visitors. It’s best known, however, for the biggest thrill of all… Summit Plummet. See the triangle in the upper left hand corner of the photo, WAAAAAAYYYY higher than everything else? SO HIGH that you have to take a ski lift to get to the top? Yep… that’s it.

Blizzard Beach (7)
You know, just your average, peaceful TWELVE. STORY. PLUNGE.

That’s a little much for yours truly, but I still loved the variety of slides and the big, peaceful, bobbing wave pool, Melt-Away Bay:

Blizzard Beach (4)
Overall, I prefer the slides and the pool at Blizzard Beach, but I also love the unique experiences that Typhoon Lagoons offers with Crush ‘N Gusher, and the Shark Reef. Either way, you can’t go wrong… so throw on your swimsuit and get ready to make a SPLASH at the Disney Water Parks!

48 (In Progress): Experience all the attractions in New Fantasyland (Under the Sea—Journey of the Little Mermaid)

From the Walt Disney World website:

“Enter Prince Eric’s stunning castle, board a giant clamshell and get ready for a musical adventure! During your journey, you’ll behold a world teeming with color and characters as you enjoy high-energy songs and incredible effects that take you inside scenes from the animated Disney film The Little Mermaid.”

Hop aboard a clamshell and join me!

I’d like to issue a little disclaimer here: my photos simply do NOT do this beautiful attraction justice. From beloved songs to beautiful, colorful scenes, to stunning transitions, this attraction truly brings you inside the beloved animated classic, The Little Mermaid.

One of the best sites of all? Watching all the mini-princesses so thrilled and excited to board the attraction and see their favorite mermaid-turned-Disney-Princess up close :). Simply magical…

You’ll notice that I’ve still marked this item on my Disney Bucket List as “In Progress.” At this point, I’ve experienced all of the attractions in New Fantasyland that will be available to guests by the Grand Opening on December 6, 2012. Click any of the links below to read about my experiences on the other attractions and dining experiences so far:

Enchanted Tales with Belle
Gaston’s Tavern
The Barnstormer and Pete’s Silly Side Show
Dumbo The Flying Elephant and Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’Soak Station

So, what’s next? Princess Fairytale Hall, hosting a meet-and-greet with the Disney Princesses, will open in 2013. And in 2014, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will have its debut: “A swerving, swaying train of mine cars takes you on a wild ride through the diamond mine. As you travel along the twisting, turning track, you’ll weave in and out of the mine and through the countryside—with animated figures, glittering gems and playful surprises at every turn.” (The previous quote is from the Walt Disney World website.)

Hope to see YOU in New Fantasyland: Opening officially this December!


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